back and 50lbs heavier.
i’m not well, i’m struggling to eat and putting on weight.

this is so depressing, i’m so fucking hungry but every time i try and eat i just can’t )’:

i feel shit, i’ve completely lost it.

first of all, i hate today and i’ve been dreading it for months now.

i’ve completely lost it, i’ve not done exercise in days, i just feel utter shit and fat.


littlespyro replied to your post: littlespyro relied to your post: the feeling when…

I guess. I can see his point of view as well but if he loved you he would try and help. Just explain you are very stressed and just need him there to reassure you

yeah, remember depression is pretty hard just to switch off. everythings sorted now i guess, i still feel a little weird.

i can’t do jumping jacks ):

i don’t even know why, i do about 5, then i die inside ):
i’ve replaced them with dancing around like a nutter on the 30DS

can’t even do them ):

i feel so shitty )’:
Reblog if you do or have actually cried because of your weight.

this has actually made me wanna do this

i’d love to do thissss. shame i live in halls and in the middle of town ):


this has actually made me wanna do this

i’d love to do thissss. shame i live in halls and in the middle of town ):

someone from the UK come on an adventure with me, i’m so freaking bored of my town.
So when I wake up in the morning, can I please have some weightloss buddies? I need some!
Reblog if you live here!

I want to follow all of you!

i’m sure this is a sneaky way of getting reblogs, i heard somewhere that it takes your IP location and the sign is different for everyone, like mine says lancashire!
if you do live in lancashire (uk) then yeah reblog + follow! i’d love to have some thinspo buddies in my area! <3

hyenateethx said: Well I started cutting back my food about 10 months ago, and only started working out about 4 months ago, but I've seen a BIG weight loss ever since I've started working out, still grinding down those pounds though >: I kinda figure though since my weight is quite stable and is slowly dropping that it must be healthy enough, I'm never starving myself or anything

aw thats good!, i’ve never really stuck to working out, but june is definitely going to be my life changing month! yeah if you’re slowly dropping due to working out, then it cant be bad at all! aw good (: starving is never the answer!

hyenateethx said: Yeah it is, I'm a formspringer so I try to push that rather than the whole Tumblr ask thing... but yeah, maybe continue and wait it out to see if your body adjusts to the new intake, I've been eating under 500 calories and I haven't had any drastic weight fluxuation and I still have plenty of fat stored, I think its more what you eat rather than how much

awh yeah! well i think i’m just going to stay at what i feel comfortable with so 800cals-ish! awh ): do you work out at all? that might get rid of the fat? yeah, i guess low fat things / low carbs and all that crap is what you wanna eat, not takeouts + snacks.

hyenateethx said: Why are you trying to eat 1200 a day may I ask? I currently eat 500 a day, it totally fills me up and is enough to get me by :)

sorry for not answering this in your ask (it’s disabled) because all these healthy weight loss blogs and such are saying that if i don’t i store fat etc and it’s bad for me. 500 a day totally fills me up too! and ive tried eating 1200 and im just getting fatter, ): i think my body must have adjusted, as i’ve been eating under 1000 cals for 4 years now. (:


hello! first of all, if you’re doing this the healthy way i don’t want your opinions or advice in my ask box, i appreciate it all, and what i’ve gotten so far but this is really for the people who struggle eating food, like myself.

so hello people who struggle eating food / doing this the unhealthy way. could you please pop a note in my ask telling me how successful your weight loss has been (and some dates) , how many cals you eat , and what exercises you do.

i just want to see the difference really, because im trying to eat 1,200cals and im just getting fatter, so i just need both sides.

thank you muchly <3 x

x x x x x x x x x x x